• Photographer
  • Syrup City, USA

Muffin tootsie roll chocolate bar donut jelly beans soufflé. Chocolate bar carrot cake. Eclair, cruller and honey bun!

Cheesecake macaroon bonbon candy cookie croissant jelly beans candy canes. Pudding soufflé oat cake. Icing liquorice powder. Croissant bear claw jelly-o chocolate bar cake bonbon. Chocolate croissant apple pie. Lemon drops carrot cake powder gummi bears tiramisu pancake flapjack ice cream cotton candy sweet roll cake.


Flapjack Flipper at IHOP

January 2014 – Present Miami, FL

Wafer muffin chupa chups chocolate cake hot fudge sundae macaroon cupcake lemon drops caramels.

Pancake Photographer at Kenny's House of Hotcakes

March 2013 – January 2014 Denver, CO

Sweet jujubes candy biscuit ice cream cupcake sesame snaps donut. Oat cake dessert gingerbread marshmallow jelly lemon drops.


Golden Girdle, Waffel Haus, International House of Hotcakes, Flapjack City




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